The FTD® Share My World™ Bouquet


The FTD® Share My World™ Bouquet blooms with modern sophistication and elegance to bring your special recipient a truly exquisite gift. Peach roses, peach stock, burgundy mini carnations and plum mini calla lilies are simply fantastic accented with heather stems and seated in a clear glass cubed vase. Variegated ti leaves and red flax leaves are used to line the inside of the vase for an appealing look making this brilliant bouquet set to extend your warmest wishes and sweet affection with its blushing color and array of textures. The purple flowers that accent this bouquet add a rich and wonderful tone.  

STANDARD bouquet includes 11 stems. Approx. 9"H x 11"W.
DELUXE bouquet includes 15 stems. Approx. 10"H x 12"W.
PREMIUM bouquet includes 21 stems. Approx. 12"H x 14"W.
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